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FY22 Action Plans

Goal 1

Engage all students in learning that leads to academic growth, achievement, and readiness for high school, college, career, and life.


Ensure students learn the essential grade level standards through our multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS) processes

• Essential standards focus for all students (Tier 1)

• Ensured every student equitable access to the teaching and learning experiences we guarantee across every classroom (Tier 1)

• Provided opportunities for teacher voice to collaboratively finalize new D62 districtwide data analysis and student response protocol to ensure students learn the essential standards, participating in extra support in a timely manner when they need it (Tier 2)

• Increased access to intensive interventions for students who need it (Tier 3) Support students through schooling transitions

• Created common actions to support students as they transition from one milestone year to the next.

Each of these actions are included in each school’s improvement plan (SIP) to support students as they transition

• From preschool to kindergarten

• From fifth grade to sixth grade

• From eighth grade to ninth

• In addition, in between each grade level, teachers take supportive actions to welcome students into the next grade level every year


Ensure students continue to learn the essential grade level standards by finalizing and implementing the new D62 data analysis protocol for teacher team Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). The data protocol will inform teachers about student growth and needs as they plan instruction through the MTSS process.

• Student learning emphasizes the essential standards (Tier 1)

• Students who need it receive extra support to learn the essential standards (Tier 2)

• Continue to increase access to intensive interventions for students who need it (Tier 3)

Ensure support for students as they move through schooling transitions

• Continuously refine actions as needed via the school improvement plan process

photo of two girls playing violin


Goal 2

Provide personal support to each student to develop the skills and confidence to be self-sufficient learners.


Established system for teacher leaders to become “D62 student engagement coaches” to coach their peers

Launched day 1 training of Kagan cooperative learning structures for all teachers

Implemented classroom circles to foster relationships, build community and problem solving (Tier 1)

Increased student engagement and voice to support learning of grade level standards

• Launched training and ongoing professional learning support system for every District 62 teacher via Kagan cooperative learning structures

• Provide personalized one-on-one coaching of the student engagement structures for every teacher to support effective implementation

• Invested in D62 “student engagement coaches” early Kagan training in order to provide in-house teacher leadership opportunities for teachers to coach their peers in effective Kagan student engagement implementation

Instituted CHAMPS (Conversation, Help, Activity, Movement, Participation, Success) classroom management structure for students to be responsible, motivated and engaged (Tier 1)

Continued the implementation of Second Step as Social Emotional Learning (SEL) daily curriculum to nurture supportive, successful classroom learning environments (Tier 1)

Image of a Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 graphic.

Provided increased social emotional learning professional learning opportunities for district staff (Tiers 2/3)

Partnered with Kenneth Young Center for provision of clinical and non-clinical student and family services, given the increase in SEL and mental health needs as a result of the pandemic (Tiers 2/3)


Increase student engagement and voice to support learning of grade level standards

• Complete days 1-5 of cooperative learning training for every D62 teacher and administrators and ensure increased student engagement in all classrooms

• Continue to provide personalized one-on-one coaching of the student engagement structures for every teacher to support effective implementation

• Nurture teacher leadership “student engagement coaches” in every school

• Carry out principal and district instructional leadership moves to ensure Kagan implementation benefits all students

Initiated the planning for a districtwide implementation of PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) to systemic framework.

Reviewed and analyzed current student SEL and health data and determine next steps to support student needs

• Illinois Youth Survey Data

• Kenneth Young Center Data

• District 62 SEL Survey Data

Continue planning for possible full day kindergarten

Make progress through considerations for additional year-round school opportunities

Explore the enhancement of middle school encore programming opportunities for students

Student pouring water into a volcano presentation and model she built.


Goal 3

Provide personal support to each staff member to develop the skills and confidence to be innovative, exemplary, and visionary leaders of the district and their proffesion.


Provided personal support to teachers to increase their students’ learning by investing in student centered coaching partnerships

Created and maintained opportunities for staff voice and engagement

Built trust and supportive relationships with a focus on safety and well-being

Utilized key data points to make informed decisions

Value teacher voice to finalize common data analysis protocols for PLCs

Provided ongoing opportunities for staff wellness

Reviewed district equity audit and implemented change in key findings areas

Board of Education engaged in Equity professional development facilitated by the Illinois Association of School Boards (IASB)

Photo of two teachers participating in a District Kagan training


Encourage student-centered coaching partnerships to increase student learning across every classroom

Continue to recognize and celebrate staff - Difference Makers, Wellness Days, 25-year employees and retirees

Plan for retention and recruitment of certified and non-certified staff

  • Paraeducator Job Fair
  • Increased substitute pay
  • Collaborate with Association leaders

Utilize stay and exit interviews for retention and wellness initiatives

Convene a District Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) committee

Convene and train school-based DEIB teams, including student equity officers

Image of an LMC Media Specialist working with students


Goal 4

Engage families and the community as partners to support student success.


School communications

• Assess preferences/needs from families in order to enhance/refine communications between home and school COVID-19 global pandemic support

• Community food distribution to families in need

• Created principal welcome videos highlighting safety and health protocols

• Website development

• Resource page

• COVID-19 dashboard

• Creation of three-part video series documenting district’s journey through pandemic

• Hosting of vaccine clinics for staff, parents, children and community

Connecting with our community

• Development of D62 COVID-19 Taskforce to provide input and feedback regarding district health and safety measures during the pandemic

• Meeting with Des Plaines and Rosemont community leaders: quarterly

• Meeting with parent leaders: quarterly

• Supporting newcomer English Learner families


Reconfiguration of new District 62 website

Supporting new English Learner (EL) families

Connecting with our community by telling the District 62 story

• Website

• Social media

• Videos

Photo of students playing trumpets and walking down the school hallway for their Mardi Gras parade.


Goal 5

Effectively, efficiently, and equitably manage the district's facilities and financial resources.


Purchased and distributed:

• Safety and health supplies and equipment for students and staff

• Technology tools and equipment for students and staff to enhance both remote and blended teaching and learning

• Meals to families during remote learning

Employed additional staff to meet student and staff needs during the pandemic

Implemented facility plans to meet social distancing and space needs during the pandemic

Expedited district furniture improvement schedule to replace tables with modern desks to allow for better social distancing.

Managed supply chain delays

Accelerated the upgrade of building intercoms, phones, clocks

Collaborated with the Des Plaines Police Department to discuss security improvements

Monthly Operations and Technology meetings

Network with other school districts on experiences and practices


Complete student desk rollout

Continue to upgrade technology infrastructure: servers, switches, phones, intercoms, clocks

Increase the number of cameras located throughout the district

Ongoing discussions with the Des Plaines Police Department

Complete a facilities improvement and space utilization study with Wight & Co.

girl on ipad