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A Lesson in Print Making

A Lesson in Print Making
Orchard Place

Fourth grade students in Ms. Amber Phalen's art class worked on making a jazz collage print last week.

The students first chose a musical instrument that they wanted to feature in their print.

They then visited multiple stations, completing the project as they went through them.

In the first station, students covered their musical instrument with a paint color of their choosing. They made sure to cover the entire instrument with their paint.

At the second station, the students selected a piece of colored paper to print their instrument on.

They placed the paper on top of their instrument and used a tool to push the paper onto the instrument to transfer the paint.

Finally, the students had to carefully remove the instrument from the paper to see how well their print came out.

If it didn't turn out the way they wanted it to, they were able to try it again. 

All of the colorful pieces were unique and showed off the artistic talents of each of the students! 

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